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The Documerica Project

There Is Some Local Opposition to Stripping the Land in Southeastern Ohio. Most People, However, Are Employed by the Coal Companies and Are Afraid Any Demands for Reform Will Cost Them Their Jobs. Off Route 800. 10/1973

DOCUMERICA was a program sponsored by the Environmental Protection Agency from 1972-1977 in order to "capture images relating to environmental problems, EPA activities and everyday life in the 1970s." The result is an archive of over 15,000 slides and negatives from 70 well-known photographers including Danny Lyon, Gene Daniels, Marc St. Gil, Anne LaBastille, Bill Strode, Charles O'Rear, Jack Corn, Tomas Sennett, Yoichi Okamote, Ken Hayman, and John H. White.

You can see a sampling of the images on Flickr, or browse the full archive on the U.S. National Archives site.

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Movie Theatre 06/1973

The Atlas Chemical Company Belches Smoke across Pasture Land in Foreground. The Plant Is Referred to as "Old Darky" in the Community Because Black Soot from the Plant Covers Everything Near-By. One Farmer Claims He Lost Several Cows Due to Soot and Chemicals from Atlas, 06/1972

Exhibit at the First Symposium on Low Pollution Power Systems Development Held at the Marriott Motor Inn, Ann Arbor Vehicles and Hardware Were Assembled at the EPA Ann Arbor Laboratory. Part of the Exhibit Was Held in the Motel Parking Lot Photo Shows Participants Looking over the Esb "Sundancers", an Experimental Electric Car 10/1973

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