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Start Asking: a Project by Ryan Fitzgibbon

The search for equal rights is far from over. Questions from the affected are no longer welcome in the public domain. Boycotts, sit-ins, protests, and marches cause insignificant ripples in today's world, leaving a lot of questions unanswered. Start Asking is a reaction to the stagnant state of the Civil Rights movement. It is the start of a new conversation. It provides an open channel for your suppressed frustrations and encourages you to continue asking questions until they are answered.

Start Asking was Ryan Fitzgibbon's solution to the final challenge of Command X: Season 2, the graphic design reality show at the AIGA Make/Think Conference in Memphis. The three remaining contestants were given less than 24 hours to create a statement about Civil Rights after a private tour of the National Civil Rights Museum.

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This is very compelling. Nice work!

I am eager to read an article on DO about this year's winning command x project and contestant, Monina Velarde. Could you please do a feature on her like you did for last season's winner?

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