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Make a Mixel this Weekend


Mixel, if you don't already know, is an amazing FREE collaborative collage-making app for the iPad. It’s incredibly easy to make beautiful, funny and personal collages, and even easier to remix anyone else’s. This weekend the folks at Mixel want to spread the word about how easy (and fun) it is.
Sometime this weekend, we’d like to ask you to do one (or both!) of these things:

A. Make a collage with Mixel that includes pictures of one or more of your friends — people who currently aren’t using the app, but who you think would enjoy it. Make it fun; anything goes. Then invite them to come and remix it.

B. Post a ton of your mixels to Facebook. Show all your friends there the awesome stuff you’ve been making. The exact number you post is entirely up to you, but we hope to generate a surge of Mixel activity on Facebook this weekend.
We'll be inviting some of our friends and posting a Mixel to Facebook this weekend so keep an eye on our Facebook page.

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