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A Collector’s Collections

John Foster is taking the week off to open an exhibit of his collections at James Madison University, in Harrisonburg, Virginia.

John's extraordinary collection of the vernacular is widely recognized, and in 2005 he was name one of the Top 100 Art Collectors in the US by Art & Antiques Magazine. As he wrote in one of his many columns, "[I]t is usually collectors—not museums—who engage first with specific niches of art that fall outside of the mainstream." Herewith, ten curations from John in which his collection has been highlighted. 

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I would love to have a photographer with this much experience taking photos of some of my antique silver jewellery. Not just to put them up on the website for sale, but for cataloging purposes. Some of the pieces that I have in store waiting for the right person to snap them up are truly one of a kind and are worth a few pictures for me to remember them by!
Andrew Campbell

nice picture. I am also pleased with the goods antiques , especially furniture such as a Bar Height Table , Glass Console Table
dzikri padlilah

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