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Today, 05.15.10

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TODAY is a weekly jewel box of seemingly random, yet thoughtfully selected, images. At times tender, wicked, nostalgic, amusing, and dazzling, each edition is presented without narration, editing or explanation by its author, designer Eric Baker. "It all began as a goof. One day I sent a good friend about 50 random pictures of cheese. I don't know why, but to me cheese is funny, perhaps it is the word itself and its various connotations. Eventually I began looking closer, or should I say broader at 'things'. Things lost on the fringes ... ordinary, odd, beautiful things. Esoteric images, old diagrams, typography, cartography — visions of a once promising but now extinct future."

Editor's Note: All images link to their original source and are copyright their original owners.

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Comments [4]

Great assortment, Mr. Baker, from Dali to... early Downey! Thank you, kind sir.

michael dooley

Gordon Parks...wow!
Bobby Martin

Stick with the single images, Eric.
Rob Henning

Posts were, as usual, great, but my test results are inconclusive. Unbeknownest, and no doubt uninterestingly, to you your image posts have become weekly forums in our home. Have spent the past weeks comparing living with teenagers vs. living with pets. The kids thought it was OK - the birds were very receptive (though they usually like more music). I will not hold this against either the birds or my teenagers - just assembling the data. In typical parent mode my opinion is irrelevant. God knows I love my kids, but right know the unconditional affection scale is tilted towards the birds - and this has nothing to do with how I felt about the videos.

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