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The Tree

It was a cold winter day in New Haven when I saw a girl stop, take out her camera, and sit on her knees to take a picture of a tree. 

A few years later, by a lake, I saw a couple taking photos of trees. One of them captured a smaller tree almost centered in a landscape frame, and although he was very close to the tree he made sure to show the surrounding scenery as well. He emphasized the relationship between the scale of the tree, its shape, and the curve isolated in a larger landscape. In contrast, the other person captured a different tree that although bare, was larger and straight. She zoomed on the tree and framed it large making sure it was well defined and in focus.

I took these photos from farther away so I wouldn’t disturb them. One was taking his time trying to find the best angle, while the other was faster, zoomed in, and took a close shot.  Although the photos were taken at the same place, they each had an entirely different point of view and each transmitted an utterly different feeling and personality. 

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