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The Signs of Barcelona

As we’ve seen in her book on Italy’s signs, Louise Fili has an eye for finding the most stunning, whimsical, elegant, and distinctive storefronts and letterforms. In her newest book, Gràfica de les Rambles, Fili again takes us on a tour behind her camera—but this time, she’s focused on the enchanting Catalan city, Barcelona.

From fabric shops to chocolate shops, pharmacies to bakeries, hotels to cathedrals, Fili captures Barcelona’s vibrant cultural diversity in 375 photographs. Each storefront, each building number, each monogrammed façade that Fili presents is an ambassador for a larger, untold story of the city’s richly textured identity. This magnificently curated visual treasure trove is as much a window into Fili’s sensitive photographic perspective as it is a peek into a kaleidoscope of Spanish art and design.

All photographs © Louise Fili. Book images from Maya P. Lim.

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