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Plan B "Best Architecture Book of the Year" in the Netherlands

Totally thrilling news has reached me from the Netherlands: my book Plan B: Ontwerpen in een Complexe Wereld (Plan B: Designing In A Complex World) has been selected by the influential magazine de Architect as their best architecture book of the year. I would like to share this good fortune with you, too: if you forgot to send any of your Dutch-speaking friends a present this year send them Plan B as the perfect New Year's gift. It will make my publishers, SUN, happy too.

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And when it comes in English?
Aline Dantas de Araújo D'Amore

Tell the publishers I will buy it as soon as it is in English!
As the book implies designing is complex enough without having to learn Dutch as well.........
Marco Goldschmied

This is a Dutch translation of "In the Bubble", with 4 chapters added...
Wijnand IJsselsteijn

I'm talking to the publishers, MIT Press, about doing a revised In The Bubble 2.0. if for any reason that doesn't work out I'll post the new materials online anyway.
john thackara

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