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Milton Glaser: Nine Posters

As a professional graphic designer for sixty years, I’ve produced more than five hundred posters that in a variety of ways inform, persuade, or decorate their subjects—that all comes under the heading of good professional practice.

But I have a secret. All my life I’ve wanted my work to go beyond professionalism and enter the world of art. Every time I get a poster assignment, I hope that after I solve the client’s problem, I might be able to solve mine. Persian rugs and Chinese ceramics, among many other things, prove it’s possible. Alas, it is only with the passing of significant time and the verdict of collective agreement that suggest whether we have succeeded in creating something that strengthens our sense of common purpose. As a wise man once said, “You’ll know it when you see it.” I’m willing to wait. — Milton Glaser, from his introduction to Milton Glaser Posters: 427 Examples from 1965 to 2017

Glaser picked nine of his favorite posters from the book to share with us.

Art Is Whatever, School of Visual Arts, 1996.

Cooperstown Summer Music Festival, Cooperstown Summer Music Festival, 2012.

We Are All African, School of Visual Arts, 2005.

Pasta, Allan Heller, 2006.

Southampton Writers Conference, Stony Brook Southampton, 2006.

Milton Glaser: Posters, Onondaga Community College, 2009.

Milton Glaser: Drawing Is Thinking, Department Store of Belgrade, 2010.

AIGA NY 30, AIGA, 2012.

PostPast, State Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia, 2014.

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