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Leave Nothing But Footsteps

Three years ago German photographer Thomas Kalak published a book called Thailand — Same Same, but Different!. Featuring all manner of bamboo scaffolding, knotted aerial lines, hand painted signs or converted plastic bags, the book celebrated the Thais’ exceptionally gifted art of improvisation.

The strange objects and arrangements reminded Kalak of art world “ready-mades” from the beginning of the 20th century.

They reminded me that salvage society is not a future prospect that will happen when peak-everything hits home. Untold millions of people subsist on the detritus of industrial society right now.

Now Kalak has published a new book, Weltstücke: World Trip Goodies

 features rare, bizarre, and exceptional souvenirs collected by the photographer during his ceasless travels.

“Take nothing but memories” Kalack concludes “and leave nothing but footsteps”.

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