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From Dance Hall to Design Studio to Dance Hall

Jeremey M. Lange, a photographer and brother of Design Observer regular contributor, Alexandra Lange, recently photographed a barn dance in Vermont that was held in a building that used to be his grandfather's design studio.
In the 19th century, dances in rural Vermont were held in some larger homes and hotels with ballrooms. Smaller dances also took place in farmhouse kitchens (after the furniture had been removed) with a fiddler and caller. In the early 20th century, commercial dances were held in converted barns, halls, inns and pavilions built for that purpose....
His grandfather converted one of these barns to his studio in the 1970s. 
After my grandfather's death in 2000, the family decided to clear out the barn, with the idea that it might again be a useful recreational space. After eight summers of laborious work by my grandmother, my mother, her two sisters and their spouses, and many other friends, the barn was cleaned out and restored to a dance hall. The inaugural dance was held on Aug. 3, 2013.
You can read the rest of the story and see all the photos from the inaugural dance on IndyWeek.com.

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