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Bringing Data and Storytelling Together

A screen grab from We Feel Fine, a site that harvests human feelings by pulling data from blogs across the web every time someone says “I feel” or “I am feeling.”

In a guest post on the Tribeca Film Institute blog, Ingrid Kopp, the U.S. Director of Shooting People, explores the relationship between data and storytelling.
Raw data is a bit like random words on a page. Somebody needs to shape it and craft it into something meaningful. But it can be done — there are some very powerful examples of beautiful data on the web that should inspire filmmakers. You could think about new ways to use data in your films. You could also think about how to take your story and the information it contains to another level using data on your website or outreach initiatives for example. And I’m not talking about boring tables with lists of dry figures here. This ain’t your grandmother’s data!

In the essay Kopp points to five examples of designers, storytellers and thinkers shaping data to describe the human expereince. Read the full essay here >>

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