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Top: Adam Lowe, of Factum Arte. Bottom: Peter Greenaway, from Leonardo's Last Supper: A Vision.

I've heard today about some art events and talks, in New York City and London.

New York: A couple of weeks ago I reported that Peter Greenaway's Leonardo's Last Supper: A Vision — one of his multimedia installation/events based on classic paintings — would be staged at the Park Avenue Armory in New York City from December 3 through January 6, 2011. Now we hear from the Armory that they've scheduled related programming. On December 1, Adam Lowe, founder/director of Factum Arte, will be lecturing on the painstaking process of working with Greenaway to translate Leonardo's fragile masterpiece into digital media. See Duplicating da Vinci: The Art of Cloning a Masterpiece

Also on Greenaway, see Barbara Penner's Places' essay The Wedding at Cana

London: This summer we published The East Anglians, by photographer/ethnographer Justin Partyka; this Thursday we'll be publishing a portfolio of his photographs of Saskatchewan. Now Field Works: Photographs from East Anglia, is on exhibition at Eleven Spitalfields in London, from November 27 through December 18. And on  December 7, there's a public conversation between Partyka and architect Sir Terry Farrell — see here for details. 

Justin Partyka, from Photographs from East Anglia.

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Carla Ghosn

Your picture is of Rafa Rachewsky, not Adam Lowe. Rafa is much better looking than Adam
William Owen @wdowen

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