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Anand Giridharadas

About 13 years ago Anand Giridharadas was working for Mckinsey & Company in Mumbi, India. But then he moved out of business consulting into writing, and journalism, and hasn't looked back since. He started writing for the International Herald Tribune, and the New York Times, and became a columnist for both. He's also written two books, including The True America: Murder and Mercy in Texas, about a Muslim immigrants efforts to keep the state from executing the white supremecist who tried to kill him. His latest book, Winners Take All: The Elite Charade of Changing the World is coming out later this year.

Debbie talks to Anand about his career, about a divided America, and about tech monopolies. “It is insane the power they have...To me it is a thousand fold with seriousness of any of the monopolies that we have broken up in this country.”

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