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An Empire State of Mind


Everyone seems to be weighing in with pieces on the new edition of the AIA Guide to NYC, which is as it should be; over on the website of Architect magazine, I take on the "lumbering dinosaur" that we all love so dearly, sometimes despite ourselves.

Also on the subject of big cities, I have a piece in the new issue of Dwell introducing its cover package on the rise of megacities (alas, not yet online). Did you know there are over 75 cities with populations in excess of 5 million? Lewis Mumford, who thought the development of the megacity was a sign of the apocalypse, would probably not be pleased, but as someone who loves urban bigness — NY! Mumbai! Moscow! — I can't agree. The issue also has a nice package by Karrie Jacobs on the urbanization of the highway system — something she's been advocating for a while. Worth a read.

With that, let's close with the urban anthem of the moment, courtesy Hova: One hand in the air for the big city, street lights, big dreams all looking pretty, no place in the world that can compare, put your lighters in the air, everybody say Yeah. Yeah.

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