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31,000 Flights Over Holland

Ever wonder what 31,000 flights over a small European country might look like? Wonder no longer.

Mind Design in Amsterdam recently visualized Dutch air traffic in a short animated film. The movie visualizes a data set with the geo-locations of over 31,000 flights recorded in July 2011. It extracts relevant statistics from the given data and presents them in the form of a gradual zoom out, from Schiphol into outer space.

The project was conducted on invitation of the Dutch broadcasting corporation VPRO and the new media platform Beamlab, and developed in cooperation with scriptwriter Mirka Duijn, composer Laura Dilettante and Dustin Kershaw post-productions. It was first presented to a broad audience during a special edition of Beamlab at Pakhuis de Zwijger, Amsterdam, as a proposal for VPRO’s television program ‘Nederland van Boven’.

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