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S6E3: Cindy Chastain

Cindy Chastain is senior vice president of customer experience and design at Mastercard.

Chastain’s brief is to bring a design culture to an established global organization:
We really believed that design was key to modernizing the company, creating a more differentiated brand for creating better customer and consumer experiences, and all these new digital products that were emerging as well as driving innovation.
One of her first projects was revisiting the Mastercard brand identity (a project she worked on with Michael). And unexpectedly, she says,
the launch of the new identity was a doorway into design. We were thinking about digital products, but it was most visible, most tangible, where people could feel and see a true difference that brought pride to people inside of Mastercard.…People think of us sometimes as a card company, but really we're a technology company, so we took that opportunity to double down on design for this launch.

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